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Start Date : 09/13/21

Tuition: $2,440.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : Get started in an exciting new career in welding. During this short team training program you will enrolled in a Fabrication Math and Blueprint Reading class wh...  (More)

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Start Date : 09/23/21

Tuition: $699.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : Learn the essential skills and knowledge to repair dents and rust, including final painting. Classes included in this series: Repair Dings, Dents and Rust, Prim...  (More)

Start Date : 09/25/21

Tuition: $829.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : This series of courses will provide students with entry level skills needed in residential construction. Students will gain an understanding of the skills, know...  (More)

Start Date : 09/27/21

Tuition: $995.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : Leadership in the workplace requires one to master the delicate balance between leadership and management, both of which are critical to one’s success. Leadersh...  (More)

New   Certificate Program : Graphic Design Certificate Program

Start Date : 09/28/21

Tuition: $1,795.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : Learn the software every graphic designer needs to know, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat, with our Graphic Design Certificate progr...  (More)

Start Date : 10/02/21

Tuition: $1,600.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : Learn the essential skills and knowledge required to become a combination welder. By enrolling in Kirkwood's Combination Welder Certificate program, you receive...  (More)

Start Date : 10/04/21

Tuition: $2,995.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : Help pet owners proudly show off their furry friends by keeping their pets groomed and healthy! The noncredit Pet Grooming Certificate will teach you skills and...  (More)

Start Date : 10/05/21

Tuition: : $459.00

Description : Demonstrate that you have advanced skills in Microsoft Excel 2016 by completing the Excel Specialist Series. Learn how to enter and edit data, work with numbers...  (More)

Start Date : 10/07/21

Tuition: $125.00

Materials Cost: $100.00

Description : The Whisky Appreciation series provides foundational knowledge in the areas of Whisky history, the distillation and aging processes, and the process for properl...  (More)

Start Date : 10/11/21

Tuition: $4,400.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : In four weeks you can be earning a good living driving a semi. There are tremendous job opportunities through our placement service. Learn the safe driving skil...  (More)

Start Date : 10/12/21

Tuition: $129.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : Do you own an iPhone and feel like there is so much more to it? Since you have invested in the phone, now invest in learning how to use it to the fullest. Come ...  (More)

Start Date : 10/12/21

Tuition: $329.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Description : As businesses evolve, professionals must evolve to meet business needs. As a result, business leaders expect their professional staff and managers to have a tho...  (More)