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Computer Technology/ Web Development & Design
Web Designer Certificate CCCP-5357

Learn the latest techniques and best practices to build a solid HTML5/CSS3 website. The Web Designer Certificate will guide you through client-side website development, from the planning stages and fundamentals through the process of creating a finished, semantically built, mobile-first, responsive, Web-ready product. You’ll learn what all those terms mean, plus how to research, organize, create, and test website designs using simple principles and a combination of free and commercial software. Learn the basics of creating and using graphics and multimedia to complement your site. Students need to be computer literate and efficient in Internet browsing or search engine use. Classes include: Designing Effective User-Based Websites; Coding HTML and CSS; Webpage Design; Supervised Lab 1; Web Graphics and Multimedia; Supervised Lab 2; Scripting for Web Designers; Supervised Lab 3; Web Designer Certificate Final Project. 

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Tuition Assistance:
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Industry Credentials Earned:
None. This program does not award any nationally recognized certification upon completion.

Source: Career Coach 2018, Kirkwood Community College region.
Graphic Designers
Average hourly earnings: $24.50
Starting hourly earnings: $13.10
Projected job openings (2018 – 2023): 252

Web Developers
Average hourly earnings: $29.00
Starting hourly earnings: $16.04
Projected job openings (2018 – 2023): 95

Entrance Requirements/Prerequisites:

Delivery Method:

Length of Program and CEU Credits:
66 hours, 7.92 CEUs

Program Completion Requirements:
This is a pass/fail certificate. Students will need to complete the final project portfolio components of this class in order to pass the certificate program. Attendance is also a part of the requirement for obtaining the certificate. Students may have one unexcused absence throughout the course. Students are allowed to miss one night of class during the certificate without having to make up the missed session.

Course Objectives:
• Plan and design a user-centered website with attention given to defining purpose and audience, developing personas, cultivating a content-first strategy, creating a competitive analysis and website brief, outlining sitemaps and navigation for mobile-first responsive needs, designing prototypes using basic design principles, and user testing.
• Understand UX (user experience) and its importance in Web design.
• Follow best practices and standards for using HTML5 and CSS3 to build a website.
• Focus on structure and syntax related to hierarchy, links, basic content formatting, technical challenges, and recent features.
• Implement concepts of graceful degradation and progressive enhancement.
• Use simple text editors and browser code consoles to read and write markup language and style sheets.
• Create simple sites with purpose and audience, and quickly move to prototyping, iterative development and testing, and site reviews.
• Use text multiple editors, such as Brackets, and browser consoles to read and write markup language and style sheets. • Locate, create, and use graphics and multimedia in website development.
• Access and utilize media sources, online image formats, and software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, Audacity, and a free video editor.
• Learn an overview of scripting languages using Javascript and jQuery as the primary framework.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this program students should be able to plan and design a professional semantic HTML5 website.

Other Items to Know About this Course:
All classroom materials are included in the tuition fee and will be provided in class.

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