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Computer Technology/ Web Development & Design

Web Development Certificate CCCP-5400 

Over the last thirty years, the world has dramatically changed with the creation of the World Wide Web. This change has come from the hands of millions of well-paid web developers using a wide array of rapidly-changing technologies. Web developers are highly sought professionals with a multitude of career opportunities. Learn the skills necessary to embark on a new career in web development, expand your current career into the dynamic world of cloud technologies, or update your current skills to take advantage of some of the latest web development practices. Students need to be computer literate and efficient in Internet browsing or search engine use. Classes include: Introduction to Web Programming; HTML5 and CSS3 for Web Development; Programming Fundamentals; React; Developing Web Services with Node.js; Web Development Supervised Lab; Web Development Final Project.

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Tuition Assistance:
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Industry Credentials Earned:
None. This program does not award any nationally recognized certification upon completion.

Source: EMSI Career Coach 2019, Kirkwood Community College Region
Web Developer
Average hourly earnings: $22.43
Starting hourly earnings: $12.26

Computer Programmers
Average hourly earnings: $36.50
Starting hourly earnings: $21.73

Entrance Requirements/Prerequisites:

Delivery Method:

Length of Program and CEU Credits:
98 hours, 11.76 CEUs

Program Completion Requirements:
This is a pass/fail certificate. Students will need to complete the final project portfolio components of this class in order to pass the certificate. Attendance is also a part of the requirement for obtaining the certificate.

Course Objectives:
• Understand a wide array of techniques required to deliver web-based applications to end users.
• Hand-code and assemble the required building blocks to deploy interactive web applications on dedicated or cloud-based platforms.
• Follow best practices and standards for using HTML5 and CSS3 to build a website.
• Integrate a variety of open frameworks such as Node, React, Bootstrap, JQuery, etc. into your web applications.
• Adapt this knowledge to any set of frameworks required by your employer or for personal use.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this program, you should be prepared to start developing complete web applications for corporate intranets, or the public internet, on various on-premise or cloud-based platforms.

Other Items to Know About this Course:
All classroom materials are included in the tuition fee and will be provided in class.

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