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Class B CDL Driving Certificate
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Transportation/ Commercial Driving Programs

ELDT Class B CDL CTTK-1207

In one week or less, you can earn a Class B commercial drivers license at Kirkwood to be able to drive class B commercial vehicles such as a passenger bus, dump truck, or straight truck. There are tremendous job opportunities with several local employers in the area. Learn the safe driving skills necessary to get your Class B CDL and a well-paying job. Tuition includes online entry level driver theory training, entry level driver behind the wheel training, along with testing with a third party Iowa DOT certified examiner at our site. All of our vehicles are manual transmissions. Kirkwood is an approved FMCSA Training Provider. Class will consist of 8 hours of online theory which will need to be completed prior to the 30 hour face to face hands on training. There will be an additional 6 hours of online theory for the passenger endorsement if you wish to add that endorsement.

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Upcoming Offerings:

Begins April 3rd, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133612)
Begins May 8th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133613)
Begins June 5th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133643)
Begins July 17th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133644)
Begins August 7th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133646)
Begins September 18th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133647)
Begins October 2nd, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133648)
Begins November 13th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133649)
Begins December 4th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 133650)

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Tuition Assistance:
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Industry Credentials Earned:
Class B CDL 

Source: Career Coach 2020, Kirkwood Community College region.
Class B Truck Drivers
Starting hourly earnings: $16.86
Average hourly earnings: $23.98

Entrance Requirements/Prerequisites:
Students must be at least 18 years old. Applicants who are 18 – 21 years of age are only allowed to drive within state lines (intrastate). Students must have the following three documents obtained and/or completed before attending the course: 1.) A Class B commercial learners permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) 14 days prior to the start date of the class. To obtain a permit, students must pass the general knowledge, airbrakes, and passenger tests at the DMV. 2.) A Department of Transportation long-form physical, completed within 10 days before the start of the class. 3.) A pre-employment drug test, completed within 10 days before the start of the class, as mandated by federal regulations. Random testing may be required during the length of the program. All drug screen results must be sent to All students must register themselves as a student/trainee on the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearing House. Click the following link to register:

Delivery Method:
Hybrid (online and face to face)

Length of Program and CEU Credits:
38 hours, 4.56 CEU’s

Program Completion Requirements:
This is a pass/fail course. Students must complete and pass the Entry Level Driver Theory with a grade of 80% or higher and the pre-trip inspection, skills, and over the road test in order to pass the course and obtain their license

Course Objectives:
• Develop driving skills in maneuvering commercial fleet as required by the trucking industry, including shifting, double clutch, and backing techniques.
• Acquaint students with safety regulations and precautions throughout the training program.
• Identify Department of Transportation laws and regulations governing truck traffic.
• Develop the proper attitude of responsible employees who will perform their duties in a manner that will be a credit to the occupation.
• Provide a general overview of the trucking industry, how it functions, and what to expect as drivers.
• Acquaint students with driving on public streets and highways through applied “touch driving” experience in traffic.

Learning Outcomes:
Students will obtain their Class B CDL and be able to operate commercial fleet vehicles (passenger bus, dump truck, straight truck, etc.) or find other possible careers in the transportation industry. Students are assisted in finding employment with transportation companies that hire graduates directly out of the course. 

Other Items to Know About this Course:
Tuition includes FMCSA Entry level driver online theory and face-to-face behind the wheel training requirements, along with testing by an Iowa DOT 3rd party certified examiner at our site. Students are responsible for the fee at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the CDL permit as well as the fees for the Department of Transportation long-form physical and pre-employment drug test. Upon passing the class, students are responsible for the fee to obtain their commercial license at the DMV. Fees may vary depending on location, renewal of current license, and health insurance coverage. 

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