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Pet Grooming Certificate
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Pet Ownership & Careers/ Pet Care

Pet Grooming Certificate CPPC-1050

Help pet owners proudly show off their furry friends by keeping their pets groomed and healthy! The noncredit Pet Grooming Certificate will teach you skills and techniques to professionally groom and maintain the appearance of pets, especially dogs and cats. Through a mix of online learning and hands-on training in Kirkwood’s own grooming lab, this hybrid program covers safe pet handling; bathing, drying, brushing, and combing; grooming safety, sanitation, rules and regulations; foundational grooming skills; and pet styling. Classes include: Pet Grooming I (online), Pet Grooming II (classroom).

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Upcoming Offerings:

May 16th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID129278)
September 13th, Cedar Rapids (Class ID 130572)

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Tuition Assistance:
Yes. Full tuition assistance is available to support your career goals.*Click here to learn more.
*Some eligibility restrictions may apply.

Industry Credentials Earned:
None. This program does not award any nationally recognized certification upon completion.

Source: EMSI Career Coach 2020, Kirkwood Community College Region
Pet Groomer
Starting hourly earnings: $12.54

Entrance Requirements/Prerequisites:
Students must be at least 18 years old.

Delivery Method:
Hybrid (Online, Classroom, Hands-on Lab)

Length of Program and CEU Credits:
392 hours (12 weeks), 47.04 CEUs

Program Completion Requirements:
This is a pass/fail certificate. Student will need to demonstrate proficiency in all course competencies within the class.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify each grooming tool and explain its use.
  • Demonstrate clipper care and maintenance.
  • Understand the blade care routine and recognize blade lengths.
  • Learn proper scissor techniques and handling.
  • Identify common AKC breeds and their temperaments.
  • Identify and recall basic canine and feline anatomy.
  • Learn the proper way to safely restrain animals as a grooming assistant.
  • Demonstrate bathing techniques for a canine and a feline, including properly cleaning facial wrinkles and using drying procedures.
  • Explain the function of anal sacs and the importance of maintenance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of regulations and customer relations skills required for a successful pet grooming business.
  • Name and recognize common external parasites of small animals.
  • Prepare, dilute, and administer flea and tick dips on selected animals, as well as understand and explain flea and tick eradication treatments for the yard and home.
  • Outline the use of monthly parasite control products.
  • Clean and sanitize grooming lab and equipment to comply with state regulations.
  • Explain Iowa Code Chapter 162 as it relates to operation of a pet-related business.
  • Identify and implement the five most common types of dog grooming styles.
  • Learn to correctly trim nails and clean ears.
  • Identify the five basic styles of the following areas: head, ear, feet, and tail.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, students should be able to properly groom a dog or cat using the proper tools, technique, and safety protocols.

Other Items to Know About this Course:
All materials and tools are included in the tuition fee and will be provided in class.

Pathway to Credit Program:

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